New Mexico tribe's stance on reburials is questioned

A column being published in The Santa Fe New Mexican questions whether Tesuque Pueblo's opposition to a civic center is based on economic, rather than religions, reasons.

Joe Schepps, a real-estate developer, supports the civic center in downtown Santa Fe. He questions why the tribe is opposing the removal of remains from the construction site when a state report indicated the tribe allowed reburial of remains found at another site.

"While I have the sincerest respect for the Tesuque Pueblo�s feelings about their ancestors possibly buried under the Sweeney site, I cannot help but think that the pueblo and other Native American enterprises� economic selfinterests are being threatened by Santa Fe�s finally having a competitive conference center," his upcoming column states.

The report from the state Office of Archaeological Studies said the tribe allowed reburial of remains uncovered at a highway site. But in that case, the remains were found on tribal land.

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Report: Tribe OK'd reburials on own land (The Santa Fe New Mexican 11/17)

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