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Motive unknown in shooting deaths at Rincon

No one knows exactly why three men were shot and killed on the Rincon Reservation in California last Friday.

Some say racial/ethnic tensions may have played a role. One of the men who was killed was a tribal member while the others involved are believed to be Hispanic.

Other people say drugs or a disagreement about a damaged car led to the shootings. "Depending on who you talk to out in that area, everyone seems to have a different theory,� sheriff's Lt. Dennis Brugos told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Jose Manuel Gomez, 24, Alexandro Sibriano Moreno, 21, Esteban Avila, 21, and Ray Lewis Janis, 20, were arrested and charged with murder. They are due to be arraigned tomorrow.

The men are accusing of killing David Parada, 24, Steve Casioce Jr., 23, and Cristino Gomez, 19. Parada was a member of the Rincon Band of Mission Indians.

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