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Oglala Sioux candidate for U.S. House discusses agenda

Bruce Whalen, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, is seeking the Republican party's nomination for South Dakota's lone Congressional seat.

Whalen, a father of three, says traditional Lakota values are more in line with Republican ones. As one example, he supports a new state law that bans nearly all forms of abortion.

Whalen says Democrats have promised a lot to Indian Country but haven't always delivered. But he also challenges his own party to do more outreach among tribal members.

Whalen is a graduate and current student at Oglala Lakota College. He works for the tribe.

Democrat Stephanie Herseth currently holds the House seat. She was elected to replace former governor Bill Janklow, who was forced to resign after being convicted of manslaughter. She has been re-elected with the overwhelming majority of reservation residents voting in her favor.

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