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Daily Variety: Arigon Starr show witty, insightful

"Native American singer-songwriter Arigon Starr channels all the denizens of the All Nations Cafe in Sapulpa, Okla., in this witty, insightful dissection of Native American activism, racial stereotyping, tribal infighting and small-town politics. Helmer Randy Reinholz's active staging occasionally rushes the action, but Starr displays a facile ability to flow from character to character, assisted by Christina Wright's minimal costume accents. Also enhancing her perfperf are Craig Dettman's colorful cafe setting and the mood-enhancing lights of Leigh Allen.

Accompanying herself nicely on acoustic guitar, Starr wends her way through 18 character-driven tunes that incorporate an eclectic range of styles as she relates the doings at the cafe during a visit from country music star Patty Jones. As Jones prepares to broadcast a live TV special from this old Route 66 truck stop, a colorful menagerie of locals and visitors endeavor to promote their own agendas.

With minimum exposition, Starr exposes the yearnings and hang-ups of such townsfolk as put-upon cafe owner Verna; her chronically depressed 13-year-old niece, Loretta; Verna's good-looking brother, Merle Jr.; staunchly loyal fry cook Emmitt and his precocious 9-year-old, Beatles-loving son Desmond; outrageous local Creek Indian DJ Clyde; and the insufferably I'm-more-Indian-than-thou activist team of siblings Richard and Bonnie Doolittle. Added to the mix is oddball English rocker Danny Dacron, who's passionately inspired by all things American Indian while still wary of stray tomahawks."

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