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Abramoff Scandal
Rep. Ney lashes out after former staffer pleads

Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) and his lawyers mounted a defense campaign on Monday after a former staffer pleaded guilty to a corruption conspiracy in connection with the Jack Abramoff scandal.

Neil G. Volz, 35, admitted to breaking federal laws while he worked for Ney and when he was a lobbyist for tribes and other clients. He said Ney agreed to take official acts -- including legislation to benefit two Texas tribes, legislation for a Congressional medal for a tribal leader, opposition to an Indian gaming study and calls to the Bush administration on behalf of a tribe -- in exchange for "things of value," such as overseas trips and campaign contributions.

In response, Ney and his lawyers said Volz, Abramoff and the others lobbyists who have pleaded guilty are fabricating information. "They�re making it up, they�re just flat making it up," a lawyer said in a teleconference call with reporters, the first time Ney's attorneys have talked openly with the media.

Ney called Volz a "friend" and said he was "saddened" by the guilty plea. He said his former staffer was "under tremendous pressure" by the federal government's probe into Abramoff. But he was adamant that he will be cleared by the Department of Justice.

An in his first major television appearance, on FOX News, he said he doesn't think he will be indicted.

Ney is seeking re-election and has said he won't step down even if he were indicted. He was forced to give up his post as chairman of the House Administration Committee due to his legal woes.

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