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Abramoff Scandal
Norton defends Griles amid Abramoff concerns

Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is defending her former deputy, J. Steven Griles, amid questions about his ties to Jack Abramoff.

Norton said there is no proof Griles did anything at Abramoff's request. But a report released by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee cited dozens of e-mails that suggest Griles may have tried to make decisions on matters affecting Abramoff's tribal clients.

"I was in a position to see whether Steve influenced any decisions to favor Abramoff - and I did not see Steve take any step in that direction," Norton wrote in an e-mail to The Denver Rocky Mountain News. "More broadly, Steve did not play any significant role in Indian gaming decisions."

The Senate committee said it couldn't come to a conclusion about Griles but said it was troubled about conflicting accounts given by Norton's former legal counselor.

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Norton defends former aide (The Denver Rocky Mountain News 6/26)

Senate Indian Affairs Committee Abramoff Report:

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Interior Department Profile:
Deputy Secretary: J. Steven Griles (March 9, 2001)

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