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Bar near Bear Butte to feature 'Best Breast' contest

The owner of a biker bear near sacred Bear Butte plans to hold regular "Best Breast" contests at his controversial venue.

Jay Allen has been under fire ever since announcing plans for his biker bar. He originally planned to call it "Sacred Ground" and wanted to erect an 80-foot tall statue of a "praying" Indian.

He dropped those plans after opposition from tribal activists but they couldn't convince him to give up the entire concept for his $3.5 million 22,000-square-foot bar and campground. So hundreds of tribal members are camped out at Bear Butte to protest encroachment on the place used for ceremonies and prayers.

A march taking place today seeks to educate attendees of the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally, which official starts Monday. Some bikers are siding with the activists, as have some local ranchers and religious groups.

But the county and local developers say demands to restrict development near Bear Butte are unreasonable. Allen's venue has been awarded a beer license and another venue has won a full liquor license.

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