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Federal Recognition
Former Delaware leaders question Cherokee deal

Two former leaders of the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma say they are worried about a deal with the much larger Cherokee Nation.

Former chief Curtis Zunigha and former Dee Ketchum say the deal won't restore the tribe's sovereignty. They object to a proposed bill that would bar the Delawares from exercising authority within the Cherokee Nation's 14-county jurisdictional area.

�Right now this bill, as it stands, verifies the Cherokees dominance over the Delaware,� Ketchum told The Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise.

The Cherokee Nation sued the Bureau of Indian Affairs after the Delaware Tribe was recognized as a separate entity. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that the BIA acted in contravention to treaty and federal law.

Get the Story:
Some Delaware members concerned over proposed agreement with Cherokee (The Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise 8/29)

10th Circuit Decision:
Cherokee Nation v. Norton (November 16, 2004)

Lower Court Decision:
Cherokee Nation v. DOI (7/23)

Relevant Documents:
Federal Register Notice/Ada Deer Announcement (September 1996)

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