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State revives Narragansett smokeshop case

Seven members, including the chief, of the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island will be arraigned on charges connected to the state's raid of a smokeshop on the reservation.

Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas and the other tribal members were arrested on July 16, 2003, when state troopers stormed the reservation and shut down the tax-free cigarette shop. The raid was captured by television cameras and aired nationwide.

The tribe challenged the raid but lost in court in a series of rulings. When the U.S. Supreme Court refused to take the case, the state revived its prosecution.

The seven face various charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault. They will be arraigned January 16, 2007, in state court.

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Date set for smoke shop arraignment (The Providence Journal 12/19)

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