Tribal members feel unwanted in Montana border town

Members of the Crow Tribe and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe say they don't like shopping in the border town of Hardin because they feel unwanted.

So many of them bypass Hardin in favor of Billings or Sheridan, Wyoming. Their main destination is Wal-Mart, The Billings Outpost reports.

But rumors of a Wal-Mart in Hardin have some tribal members interested, the weekly paper said. However, local officials say there are no plans for the megastore to come to town.

Instead of Hardin, Crow tribal members would like to see a Wal-Mart right on the Crow Reservation. �I would rather buy from a store such as Wal-Mart than the business owners of Hardin," Roy Stewart, an instructor at Little Big Horn College, told the paper.

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Hardin officials deny rumor that Wal-Mart coming (The Billings Outpost 4/13)

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