Editorial: Native protesters don't get brownie points

"When will politicians get it through their heads that their ad hoc methods of dealing with native land protests don't work?

Yesterday, one native leader praised the restraint he said native occupiers have shown, adding, "our people are responding without weapons, using only their bodies to assert that we are a sovereign people ... and that we cannot be intimidated."

Terrific. The problem is that both he and McGuinty need to realize that millions of Ontarians (and Canadians) do not think aboriginals , or anyone else, deserve brownie points for not using weapons to settle a dispute . They think that should be a given. And they are fed-up with disputes like this one that drag on ad nauseam while politicians utter platitudes.

You want, calm, premier? Show us there is one law for everyone -- native and non-native -- that judges people based not on who they are, but on how they act."

This included stopping cars the natives were letting through -- effectively blockading their blockade."

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