Oprah pushed powwow during Navajo Nation visit

The Oprah Winfrey Show insisted a powwow be staged during the television star's visit to the Navajo Nation last week, The Gallup Independent reports.

Tribal officials tried to steer her production company from the idea, since powwow is not Navajo. But the show's producer was "adamant," a tourism officer and other officials told the paper.

"Their conclusion was to do powwow, they wanted to do powwow to the very end," said Cora Maxx-Phillips, a staffer for Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr.

That ended up irritating Navajos who were on hand for Winfrey's visit to Window Rock, the capitol of the Navajo Nation. They are worried that the portrayal of the powwow could offend tribes in the Plains, where powwow originated, and perpetuate misconceptions about Native people as a whole.

"That's not us. Navajo's aren't powwow people," said Henrietta Lynch, 74.

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