Column: Candidate refused Agua Caliente money

"Thanks, but no thanks.

That's what state Assemblyman-elect Jared Huffman told the Agua Caliente band of Indians when he returned its $2,000 donation to his campaign.

Just before Election Day, he got a large donation from the Palm Springs tribe. He has told his campaign staff to return it - with a thank-you note.

"I'm happy to talk with anyone regarding their issues, whether they cut me a check or not, and that certainly includes tribes who have legitimate concerns about economic development, health care, sovereignty issues, etc. But I've been very clear about my opposition to urban casinos and reservation shopping," Huffman said.

The tribe also objects to reservation shopping, but it is one of California's largest and most politically powerful tribal casino operators. Huffman said he sent the donation back rather than sending "any mixed messages" to his constituents."

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Brad Breithaupt: Assembly pick passes on cash from tribe (The Marin Independent Journal 11/14)

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