Onondaga Nation makes big filing in land claim suit

The Onondaga Nation of New York filed hundreds of pages of documents in federal court in hopes of keeping its land claim alive.

The tribe went on a researching frenzy after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against another New York tribe in a land-related case. Then, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed another land claim.

Citing the two rulings, the state filed a motion to dismiss the case. The Onondagas hope their evidence, found at the National Archives, the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia and other locations, will convince the judge to deny the motion.

The tribe filed its suit in March 2005, claiming about 4,000 square miles, including the cities of Syracuse, Oswego, Fulton, Watertown, Cortland and Binghamton.

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Onondagas scour past to bolster claim (The Syracuse Post-Standard 11/20)

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