Letter: Paper's stories generate negative comments

"I'd like to respond to all of the negative posted comments to articles about American Indians. Why is it, that whenever an article is written about American Indians,, whether it's a positive or negative article, the comments are almost always negative?

When American Indians are portrayed in The Billings Gazette, there always seems to be resistance from the public. Also, why does the Billings Gazette allow such postings?

Most of them are downright mean and cruel, and portray hatred for my native people. Why is that?

In this modern day with all the "political correctness," American Indians should have gained acceptance by now. We, as a people, are becoming educated and growing stronger each day. We are coming out of the darkness that we were pushed into and beginning a journey into wellbriety, together, all nations. So please stop all the negativity towards my native people. We have been through enough!"

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Avis Werk: Indian population gets negative online reaction (The Billings Gazette 12/10)

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