Column: Navajo Nation children deserve better

"So the Navajo Nation decided to visit Hawaii for a few days. What's the big deal about that?

Anglo senators, representatives and other government leaders take junkets. Why is it a big deal that a lot of Navajo went to the islands?

This story gave the Navajo Nation a black eye. Is your newspaper biased and racist?

People who know the answers to these questions smirk at such ignorance.

But for the sake of clarity, allow me:

It matters for the Navajo people, it matters for the taxpayers who contribute to the federal funds that go to our schools, it matters to those sworn to represent their people, and by far and most importantly, it matters to the Navajo schoolchildren who should receive answers and better accountability from those who supervise them."

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Troy Turner: Navajo schoolchildren deserve better (The Farmington Daily Times 11/7)

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