Opinion: Chief Henry was face of Cherokee tourism

"The practice of chiefing is controversial even in a community known for tolerance of native stereotypes, and Chief Henry was often a target of criticism. Through my interview, I found him to be a genuinely kind and gracious person.

After a straight-shooting defense of his profession, which allowed him to make a living, support his family and put five of his six children through college, he gave me a tour of his home, which was adorned with pictures of his family. He showed me some of his craftwork.

I couldn’t help admiring who turned out to be a mountain of a man. Even some of those who’ve been critical of Lambert’s profession were charmed by his presence. He certainly had my respect.

Chief Henry died Nov. 20, but he leaves a lasting legacy. No one can match the contributions he made in promoting Cherokee. He was the face of Cherokee tourism, and he will be greatly missed, by locals and people the world over."

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Joe Martin: Chief Henry was face of tribal tourism (The Asheville Citizen-Times 11/29)

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