Viewpoint: Overdue honor for Sisseton-Wahpeton vet

"I am the stepson of the late Master Sgt. Woody Keeble, whom I talked about in the Herald's Feb. 25 “Prairie Voices” interview (“A two-war hero,” Page 1D). I also am an enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe.

I'd like to thank Herald community journalist Dorreen Yellow Bird for conducting the interview. I am very pleased with the public support and interest by the good people of North Dakota for my late stepfather. I am confident that with this support, he will be awarded the Medal of Honor.

In the interview, two researchers whose work has been published in Soldier of Fortune magazine were inadvertently omitted. I want to recognize Galen Geer, Soldier of Fortune field editor, and researcher Merry Helm. At the same time, I'd like to apologize to them for not recognizing and crediting them for the research and data that were used in the interview.

In addition to conducting research on Keeble's military career, Geer and Helm are responsible for an extraordinary three-part article in Soldier of Fortune magazine. These articles were and are being published in the February, March and April issues. I recommend them to anyone interested in World War II and specifically, the legend of Woody Keeble."

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Russell Hawkins: Grateful for efforts on Keeble's behalf (The Grand Forks Herald 3/2)

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