Editorial: No sense in grants to wealthy Seminole Tribe

"The Seminole Tribe of Florida is by no means the only dubious recipient of federal grant money, but the $80-million it has pocketed in five years as it profits from a lucrative gambling empire is ripe for a congressional inquiry.

The first question should be posed to the U.S. Justice Department, which awarded the tribe $370,000 in tax money in 2005-06 to help it police the casino properties. The tribe's grant application was explicit, citing "tremendous growth in calls for service because of people (frequenting) hotels, nightclubs and casinos on the Tampa and Hollywood reservations."

So the Justice Department provides security for casinos? Would it do the same for Harrah's?

These findings come not from government auditors but the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Incredibly, many of the federal bureaucrats defended their actions. Here's what Justice spokesman Gilbert Moore told the Sun-Sentinel: 'Need has never been a consideration for our grants.'

Neither, apparently, is common sense."

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