Column: Russell Means predicts Obama win in 2008
"When South Dakota Democratic Party leaders and candidates look for ways to solidify support in presidential and congressional elections, usually they seek to secure the traditional backing of Native Americans.

Voter registration efforts intensify and get-out-the-vote becomes a priority. Presidential years often will draw major national candidates to the reservations to take advantage of the commitment Democrats at the state level make to get results there.

In the past, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy followed that path to meet likely voters. So did Sen. Ted Kennedy and other candidates who found what usually seems like certain support on the reservation.

This year, some anticipate a visit by Sen. Barack Obama, the likely Democratic Party presidential nominee.

For a number of years, Native American activist Russell Means has made observations about the value of visits by Democratic Party candidates to reservations during general elections, often critical of the Democratic Party’s inability to bring meaningful change.

In a presidential year, Means is convinced that Obama has been placed on the fast track to the White House.

“I do believe he will be the next president,” he says. “I honestly believe that Obama is the perfect candidate for those who control such things.”"

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David Kranz: Making Indian votes count (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 5/12)

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