Column: Language and non-language on PL280
"I finally understand why the sheriff and the Soboba Indians don't hit it off:

They don't communicate in Luiseño, native language of the Soboba band. They don't communicate in English, native language of the sheriff. They miscommunicate in a nonlanguage nobody understands.

A couple of days ago, the tribe, the Sheriff's Department and Indian law experts met to discuss Public Law 280 -- a 55-year-old federal law that places reservations in California and other states under authority of state and local law enforcement.

The sheriff isn't nuts about enforcing PL 280 (says he's just following the law). The tribe isn't nuts about how the sheriff enforces the law. And everyone thinks whoever wrote the law did a lousy job. So here we are, inching toward what could be a rare agreement on something! And what happens?

They start speaking that nonlanguage. Start talking about "retrocession."

A UCLA law prof volunteers that retrocession has worked in the past. The tribe's chairman says he'd like to look into retrocession. But how does the sheriff feel about retrocession? Nobody seems to know. What is retrocession?

Let's start with what it isn't. A word. My dictionary flows from "retroactive" to "retrofire." So what do they mean when they say "retrocession"?

Fifty minutes with a therapist who wears bell-bottoms and a paisley shirt?"

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Dan Bernstein: 'Word' imperfect (The Riverside Press-Enterprise 8/14)

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