Indian lawmaker apologizes for spam e-mail mishap
Correction: Cris Larson did not refer to Rep. John McCoy as a "silly misguided fool." According to The Everett Herald reporter who wrote the story, Larson believes McCoy's statements to the press made Larson look like "silly misguided fool." That was the basis for the quote, not a statement Larson actually made about McCoy.

Washington Rep. John McCoy, a member of the Tulalip Tribes, is apologizing to his opponent for failing to respond to an e-mail sent way back in March.

McCoy, a Democrat, never received the message from the unaffiliated Cris Larson. McCoy says information technology at the state Legislature determined it was caught by an overzealous spam filter.

"I apologize for the miscommunication," McCoy wrote Larson in an e-mail, The Everett Herald reported. "Listening and responding to my constituents is one of my biggest priorities. What makes democracy work are the voices of the people and I pride myself in being an ear to those voices."

But Larson isn't buying the explanation. He partly based his decision to run against McCoy on the spam filter mishap.

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McCoy apologizes to Larson for errant e-mail (The Everett Herald 10/16)