Editorial: 'Shameful' posturing on Freedmen issue
"U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, D-Muskogee, wants the federal government to apologize to American Indian tribes for the wrongs the government has perpetrated against them through the years. There have been many, to be sure. The apology Boren is proposing "doesn’t recognize the complexity of these wrongs,” but would be "an important step in moving forward.”

The congressman’s motives are sincere. His district in eastern Oklahoma is home to many tribes, and Boren no doubt has an affinity for their historical plight.

The same cannot be said for six members of his party, who have written the Justice Department seeking an investigation into what formerly were called the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma. Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, who never met a grandstanding opportunity he didn’t like, is among those allegedly worked up over descendants of slaves being removed from the tribes’ membership rolls."

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Editorial: Hay makers: More posturing by Congress over tribes (The Oklahoman 5/7)

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