Jodi Rave: Letter-writer hates the Indian news
"I’m used to receiving upbeat, positive responses from readers. It’s been that way for the last decade, with literally hundreds of “rave reviews” in the forms of phone calls, e-mails, blog posts, letters and thank-you cards.

But, once in blue moon I get the anonymous letter from a reader who really hates reading about Indians. And the pattern in which I receive the “bad news” is predictable.

For example, I checked my snail mailbox today. As I shuffled through the mail, I saw the letter addressed to me. It was handwritten with no return address. I took the letter and went back to my desk. I cut open the envelope edge. As I reached in to pull the letter out, I could see it was type written. Hmmmm. I knew this letter would be a doozy.

And it was."

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Jodi Rave: Anonymous writer hates Indian news (BuffaloPost.Net 2/4)