EchoHawk critic still concerned about nomination
An early critic of Larry EchoHawk remains concerned about the expected nominee to lead the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Scott Crowell, an attorney from Washington, downplayed a recent Indian Country Today story that said he changed his mind about EchoHawk, a member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. "I still have the same concerns," Crowell said on Native America Calling yesterday.

The concerns stem from EchoHawk's position against Idaho's tribes as former attorney general for the state. Crowell said EchoHawk pushed for an amendment to the state constitution to avoid negotiating Class III gaming compacts with the tribes.

"it was his recommendation. He toured the state promoting the recommendation and ultimately it succeeded in changing the law of the state," Crowell said. "This was at the very time that the tribes were at the table, requesting good faith negotiations with the state."

"It's my opinion that was a bad faith action by the state," Crowell added.

Idaho tribes ended up going to court to affirm their rights and they have since received overwhelming approval from state voters to continue operating Class III games. Despite the record, the leaders of three Idaho tribes are backing EchoHawk.

"I believe he will look out for the interests of tribes," said Alonzo Coby, the chairman of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

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