Linda Grover: Lessons learned from making frybread
"The Dijon sisters sugared their tea and coffee, then let it go cold, ignoring it to watch closely as Margie worked — intending once and for all to discover what was the secret ingredient in the dough that she mixed and handled. They saw nothing unusual, just the mixing of the ingredients that could be found in most kitchen cupboards. What sleight of hand was Margie using? What motions did she make that were quicker than the eye?

The frybread was, as always, delectable, perhaps even more than usual, perhaps too good to even dunk.

Yvonne had a lot of pride but humbled herself to ask if Margie could write down the recipe. Here is what Margie wrote:


Almost two cups of flour.

Almost a tablespoon of b.p.

Pretty good-size pinch of salt.

A little sugar, maybe a teaspoon (this is up to you if you want it)."

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