Editorial: Navajo Ministries serves community
"More than 50 years ago, Jack Drake came to San Juan County as a Methodist missionary. He was to operate the Methodist school, but he did so much more than that.

Drake's heart was captured by the Navajo, and he decided to expand the mission on West Main Street in Farmington. He took in orphans and children in transition or crisis. He provided them with clothing, food, a clean bed to sleep in and housed parents to care for them.

This is just a small aspect of the history of Navajo Ministries, formerly known as Navajo Missions Inc. The Christ-centered ministry has grown throughout the years as its outreach expanded to not just orphans, but to mothers in need of a place to stay with their young children. It also houses a Christian radio station that spreads the Word of God throughout the Four Corners.

In 50 years, the mission went from humble beginnings to offering great services. It is under the leadership of Jim Baker, a former house parent and now, executive director, that the ministry will continue to serve the Navajo in need and to educate the community about the rich culture of our American Indian neighbors."

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Editorial: Navajo Ministries benefits this community (The Farmington Daily Times 3/27)

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