Norbert Hill: Resolve issues with Oneida Nation
"Why is it that the Oneida tribe can work out agreements with Brown County, Lawrence, Green Bay and other government entities to solve problems of mutual concerns, yet, the village of Hobart can't figure out ways that work? You just can't trample over the existence of Oneida people and its government with the politics of fear.

The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin pays more that $20 million to the state of Wisconsin. It pays more than $500,000 to local government for services provided, and they provide resources for fire protection, law enforcement, safe roads and improvement to our environment. The tribe continues to pay a fair share of taxes.

Let's be good citizens and look for solutions that work, rather than lawsuits. Otherwise, there will be no peace.

This is not about land in trust, the casino or service agreements, although all these are parts of the puzzle. The framework has to rest on the mutual recognition of two governments working together. Until this is resolved, nothing is accomplished."

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Norbert Hill Jr: Hobart, Oneidas need peace (The Green Bay Press-Gazette 5/6)

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