Opinion: Let all students learn Cherokee language
"My daughter does not know about Tribal Councilor Cara Cowan Watts’ effort to change policy at the Cherokee Nation’s immersion school that would require students to be citizens of a federally recognized tribe.

Though my daughter is one who could lose friends if the policy is changed, I have not discussed the issue with her. She is in the immersion school’s third grade, and if the policy were changed it could force two of her classmates to leave.

I agree with the councilor’s efforts to ensure CN money is spent wisely. And as Cherokee people, we must always be vigilant of outside organizations and individuals who attempt to co-opt our culture, heritage and even our language.

But in this instance, it makes no sense to disrupt an entire program to remove four or five children who are part of an effort to preserve our language."

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Will Chavez: Immersion children should not suffer from politics (The Cherokee Phoenix 5/29)