Rosebud Sioux Tribe opposes Black Hills lawsuit
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota is seeking to intervene in a lawsuit over the distribution of the Black Hills trust fund.

The tribe says the plaintiffs in the lawsuit don't represent any of the Sioux Nation governments that owned the Black Hills, lack standing to seek distribution of the fund and can't cite an act of Congress that would require distribution of the money.

"The Tribe is hopeful that, at some point in time, the settlement funds can be exchanged for lands in the Black Hills, even if the lands are currently owned by the federal government," Rosebud President President Rodney Bordeaux said in a court affidavit, The Rapid City Journal reported. "The Tribe has continually sought return of Black Hills land since the award of money was made nearly 30 years ago, and the Tribe is hopeful that the current administration may be willing to return some lands to the Tribe."

The Indian Claims Commission ruled that the Sioux Nation was entitled to money for the unlawful taking of the Black Hills. The tribes have refused to take the money, which has grown to about $900 million.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit sued the Interior Department in hopes of getting a share of the money.

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Rosebud tribe objects to class-action settlement suit (The Rapid City Journal 6/9)

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