Editorial: Virginia tribes move closer to recognition
"For Indian tribes in Virginia, this may be the year they finally gain recognition from Congress. It has been a long and frustrating effort for them, but success could be closer than ever before. And for that, the tribes and other Virginians should be thankful.

Legislation approved by the House would make six Virginia tribes, including the Monacans based in Amherst County, eligible for up to $800 million in federal funds for housing, education and health benefits. A separate bill on the same subject would include recognition for the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

The six Virginia tribes, which have about 3,000 members, are the Eastern Chickahominy, Chickahominy, Upper Mattaponi, Rappahannock, Monacan and Nansemond.

The House approved legislation recognizing them last year, but the measure stalled in the Senate. In addition to the federal grants, the recognition would also provide the formal respect the tribes are seeking for their heritage and identity."

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Editorial: Another step for Virginia tribes’ recognition (The Amherst New Era Progress 6/17)

Recognition Bill:
H.R.1385: Thomasina E. Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2009

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