Editorial: Talk about Muscogee land-into-trust
"Talk about unintended consequences. In response to city and county leaders' efforts to block the conversion of more local land to tribal trust status, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is asking for help from more than 500 other Indian tribes across the country.


When tribes and other branches of government are in conflict these days, the tribes usually prevail.

Not that local leaders don't have a legitimate stance in seeking to block the addition of more trust land. Such lands typically are beyond the reach of local governments and end up costing local coffers significant amounts of sales tax and property tax revenue, so asking the Bureau of Indian Affairs to turn down the Creek's applications to put more land into trust is a justifiable exercise on the part of city and county leaders.

By the same token, the Creeks also are justified in pursuing steps that could benefit the tribe economically, and federal law allows tribes to do what the tribe is seeking to do.

Is there some way to resolve this conflict in a manner that addresses everyone's interests? Tulsa's leaders ought to look into the possibility."

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