CMU Dean: Respect Chippewa name and tribe
"“Chippewa” is the official nickname adopted by Central Michigan University in 1942.

Since that time there have been periodic affirmations by the university’s administration of that decision and statements by the leadership of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe supporting the university’s proper use of the “Chippewa” name.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends of the university, and guests to campus for the most part have demonstrated respect and appreciation for this.

Information on the “Chippewa” name is presented during orientation sessions to all new students, faculty and staff, and we are told that it refers to “a proud, honorable, and respectful people who today live throughout the United States and Canada”.

The expectations and responsibilities which accompany CMU’s adoption of “Chippewa” as a nickname also are discussed.

Although this information was given to us when we first arrived on campus, it can be beneficial to remind ourselves from time-to-time of some important points.

Each member of the university community has the obligation to use the “Chippewa” nickname in a respectful and understanding manner."

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Bruce Roscoe, Dean of Students: Chippewa is a respected name at CMU (Central Michigan Life 10/5)