Column: Navajo Code Talkers get parade spot
"Semper Fi.

That is the United States Marine Corps slogan, which in Latin means, "always faithful."

Many of you get a big "Semper Fi!" salute today.

Forgotten as of Thursday for inclusion in today's Shiprock Navajo Fair parade, a public tidal wave of anger, appreciation, pride and determination all swelled together on Friday and resulted in a last-minute plan for the Code Talkers to be in today's parade.

Look for entry No. 11.

It'll be right behind the Navajo president's float.

If Code Talker organizers were successful in their Friday evening roundup of the famed World War II veterans who could change their plans or be physically able, you'll see anywhere from one to more than a half dozen of them in today's parade.

The phone was ringing off the hook and the e-mail inbox was jammed Friday morning.

Friday's column explaining why the Code Talkers were to be left out of today's parade hit home in a bad way with many of you. But, a good thing came from it.

A very good thing.

Just when the Code Talkers were feeling forgotten, that their day in glory was yesterday and today they were put away on a shelf, you put them back where they belong: on hero status.

Friday's column explained how the Navajo Code Talker Association didn't have the money to cover the $250 parade entry fee, and it questioned why heroes such as these men should have to pay to be honored in a parade celebrating Navajo heritage."

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