Interview: Black Hills, White Justice author
The Sioux Falls Argus Leader interviews Edward Lazarus, an attorney and author of Black Hills, White Justice about efforts to return the Black Hills to the Sioux Nation.

Lazarus said the public has lost awareness of the issue. He believes tribes have to come up with a "unified political strategy" to resolve ownership of the Black Hills.

"I also think a big question for the tribe is what's realistic. Are there some measures like trying to focus on particular sacred sites or purchase programs short of just out-and-out land return legislation?" Lazarus tells the paper.

"As part of that, perhaps, they would find a way to deploy some of the judgment money on the kind of education and social programs that are still badly needed," he adds.

Tribal and spiritual leader have been holding historic meetings to discuss a potential settlement. Their say they won't accept the distribution of a judgment from the Indian Claims Commission.

The trust fund has grown to nearly $900 million. Some tribal members have filed a lawsuit to force the distribution of the money.

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