Ricey Wild: Tribes facing blood quantum dilemma
"Way back in the olden days when I was but a wee girl I watched a Dracula movie starring Bela Lugosi. I was traumatized, totally. That night and many years of nights thereafter I bunched my blankets up around my neck before being able to sleep so a vampire would have a pretty tough time trying to suck up my blood. It must have worked since I haven't melted in direct sunlight ...yet.

The reason I bring that story up is at a recent Rezberry Open Meeting people were calling for blood, and lots of it. A whole lot of enrolled Rezberrians' blood was illegally drained from them and they want it back.

At issue now is that American Native Nations are in danger of going extinct. Not by blatant genocide this century, but by subversive and intentional legal means by the United States of Vampires to deliberately exterminate Indians so we have nothing left, not a drop, thereby completing the conclusive theft of our world.

The blood quantum dilemma has always been a critical issue, and will worsen sooner rather than later because we're gonna literally run out of federally recognized enrolled Indians. We will cease to exist as a sovereign, distinct people who can practice the rights our ancestors fought and died for. Blood.

I have addressed this subject many times. I pissed off many "Insta-Indians" when I offered my personal definition of who qualifies as "Indian." Just so you know; it's growing up Indian, knowing you're Indian and participating in your culture, even if you don't know you are. I'm saying it is the experience. So there."

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