Editorial: Overdue recognition for Virginia tribes
"The news that Congress is moving toward official federal recognition of Virginia's Indian tribes is welcome, albeit woefully overdue. Rep. Jim Moran and Sen. Jim Webb deserve credit for carrying the measures and shepherding them toward passage.

The federal failure to recognize the tribes compounded historical injustices and was itself the result of another injustice, Virginia's attempt in the past century to expunge American Indians from the state's vital records.

The Obama administration has been oddly reticent about signifying support for recognizing Virginia's tribes. There's no reason to be. The facts are not in dispute. Neither should be the necessity of doing the right thing."

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Righting Wrongs (The Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/24)

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Mike Williams: Obama could help Va. tribes seeking U.S. recognition (The RIchmond Times-Dispatch 10/24)

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Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2009:
S.1178 | H.R.1385

Committee Notice:
Lumbee, Virginia recognition up for consideration (10/21)
BUSINESS MEETING on pending committee issues (Thursday, October 15, 2009)

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