Opinion: Shameful attack on Saginaw Chippewas
"I am writing in response to the opinion published in last Sunday's edition of the Morning Sun (Oct. 25) authored by Morning Sun editor Rick Mills. Mr. Mills and the Morning Sun should be ashamed of the unsubstantiated and untrue characterizations of the Tribe, its officials and officers made in the "Opinion" column of last Sunday's edition.

Mr. Mills has not hesitated to express his disdain for the Tribal government in the past. This time, however, he has chosen to attack an important public servant of the Tribe, the Captain of Police, without any facts to support his maligning statements. Mr. Mills certainly has a right to his opinion. The Morning Sun's article and opinions should however, be tempered by a sense of responsibility and a respect for the facts. This would at least prevent people who are without such a forum from being wrongly ridiculed or maligned.

It is apparent that Mr. Mills was not concerned with facts or truth when he penned his attack against Captain Crockett and the Tribe.

Rick Mills' criticism of Captain Crockett was based purely on speculation and unnamed "sources" and was not substantiated or supported by a single fact. Mr. Mills would have greater credibility if he relied on established facts or clearly articulated examples of conduct in support of his opinion. Instead, Mr. Mills chose to make baseless fictional allegations and then lamented over how "scary" and "tragic" his fictional situation was for the Tribal community. As a matter of fact, Mr. Crockett has served a combined total of over 15 years as an officer with the Tribal Police and Michigan State Police. He was selected by the Tribal Council as Police Captain for his experience, integrity and commitment to public service."

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