Gyasi Ross's Rez Rules #1: Growing up with Journey
"In order to live/appreciate/know the Rez, you have to live/appreciate/know Journey. All you Santa Fe weirdos dying your hair black and figuring out your Cherokee grandma stories (or keeping your Navajo last names that you got during your six month marriage), you’re barking up the wrong tree. All you white kids at college who are trying to get in touch with your “tribal roots,” don’t wear the corny choker and some leather fringe. Please don’t. (or if you do, send me the pictures–I need a good laugh sometimes).

Rez life starts with the music. Whether pow-wow, rock, rap or country–you can tell a lot from a man’s cassette player (yes, I STILL rock cassettes–what????) Grass dance outfits to Jean jackets with the sleeves cut off, mullets and wristbands.

Yeah, like that.

And no other music signifies Rez life like Journey."

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Gyasi Ross: Journey Tribute–Rez Rules #1 (The Thing About Skins 1/21)

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