Column: It's past time to get rid of 'Fighting Sioux' nick
"A year ago, my high school did what every school should do when cursed with a racially insensitive logo.

It dropped it.

In one sweet day last February, Denver South waved goodbye to Johnny Rebel, the Confederate soldier who somehow invaded the school decades earlier.

Mr. Rebel, in the perceptive words of student protesters, “represents someone who was willing to fight and die for the suppression of African-Americans.”

He was a daily insult to hundreds of South students. He was a hindrance to the school’s future. Johnny Rebel is remarkably similar to the Fighting Sioux logo that currently drains the prestige of the University of North Dakota.

UND plays Colorado College tonight at World Arena. Unfortunately, UND players still skate around wearing an antique logo that should have been dumped years ago."

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David Ramsey: It's past time for UND to drop Fighting Sioux logo (The Colorado Springs Gazette 2/25)

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