Scott McAdams: Senate race about IHS and Native subsistence
"It's about Alaska. That's the best way I know to explain why I am running for the U.S. Senate. As someone who grew up in rural Alaska and is now raising my children in rural Alaska, this race is a very clear choice about Alaska's future. Unlike my opponents, I will fight for Alaska's fair share of federal investment, increased education funding, and support for the Indian Health Service.

As the two other candidates in this race try to out-do each other on national TV, I'm focused on the real issues facing Alaska families: creating jobs, improving schools, cutting energy costs and protecting the subsistence way of life for thousands of Alaska Natives.

My wife of 17 years, Romee, is enrolled with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa in Belcourt, N.D. My three children are enrolled in a Sitka Tribe of Alaska. I am an adopted member of the Dakl'aweidi (Killer Whale) clan and my Tlingit name is Keét Yiyaágu. I will continue to support the efforts of Alaska Native corporations, yet believe that Alaska's next senator needs to redouble our efforts in support of Alaska's tribes.

Because I live in a small town, I appreciate many of the unique challenges facing rural Alaskans. Here are some of my ideas for how to address them:

* Protect subsistence. I strongly support the rural subsistence priority and more Native representation on the Federal Subsistence Board. The Obama administration had not done enough to strengthen subsistence management in Alaska. I will work in the U.S. Senate to bring greater attention and resources to improve the federal management system.

* Improve rural health care. Thanks to the decades of work by the late Sen. Ted Stevens, rural Alaska has one of the most innovative health care delivery systems in the country. Now we must work to fully fund the Denali Commission and the Indian Health Service to continue to improve care and delivery in rural Alaska. Unlike my opponents, I will support federal funding for the Indian Health Service and the Environmental Protection Agency to make sure that every Alaskan has access to clean water and sustainable sewer systems."

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