AZ101: Apache tribes had their own women warriors too
"The Apaches raised boys and girls to learn more or less the same skills and let them decide how to spend their lives. If the girls wanted to be warriors, fine and dandy. If boys chose otherwise, fine and dandy.

Two of the best-known Apaches women warriors were Lozen and Dahteste.

Lozen was born sometime in the 1840s. She was the sister of the famous Apache war leader Victorio. She could ride and shoot as well as, if not better than, male warriors.

She also was considered to be a medicine woman with the psychic ability to locate the enemy's position.

Dahteste was married twice, had two children and was said to be a beautiful woman who took great care with her appearance.

She was born about 1865. Dahteste rode in war parties with her husband and Geronimo, a great friend."

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