University apologizes for failing to pay powwow dancers
The University of Montana apologized for not having enough money for dancers and drum groups who competed in the Kyi-Yo Pow Wow last weekend.

Native students put on the powwow every year. After paying fees to the Adams Center, they distribute prize money to dancers and drum groups.

The fees for this year's event took out of most of the powwow budget. The university usually makes up the shortfall but for some reason that didn't happen.

"The University of Montana extends its apology to those members of the greater Native American community who were adversely affected by the University’s actions at the Kyi-Yo Powwow. The University did not plan adequately for the unexpected shortfall in total revenue. As the result of this inadequate planning and communication, many Powwow participants and Kyi-Yo members were understandably disappointed and hurt." the school said. "The University intends to identify the Powwow contest winners and compensate them at the same levels as previous Kyi-Yo Powwow winners."

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UM officials apologize for prize money shortfall during Kyi-Yo Pow Wow (The Missoulian 4/21)

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