Pawnee and Arikara ready for reunion powwow in Nebraska

Members of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation in North Dakota are getting ready for a reunion powwow in Nebraska.

The Pawnee and the Arikara were part of the same tribe. The Arikara split off about 500 years ago but they will once again meet from June 18-19 for the powwow

As part of the event, members of the two tribes are building a traditional earth lodge. The Pawnee haven't build one in decades so the Arikara are teaching them how to do it.

"We’ve been excited ever since we were asked to build it," Wind Spirit, who is Arikara, told The Kearney Hub.

"We’ll learn how to build a lodge and then take it back to Oklahoma," TeeTooch Frazier, who is Pawnee, told the paper.

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Arikara to reteach what Pawnee used to know how to do: Build earth lodge (The Kearney Hub 5/24)

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