Tribal courts and state courts create coalition in California
Tribal courts and state courts have formed a new coalition in California.

The California Tribal Court/State Court Coalition will focus on improving the relationship between tribal and state courts. The group will study and provide recommendations on issues like protective orders, jurisdiction and domestic violence. "Tribal and state courts share the same essential commitment to serve the public,” Chief Justice Ronald M. George of the California Supreme Court said. "By developing procedures that will foster cooperation on jurisdictional issues, tribal and state courts can work together to ensure the effective and efficient administration of justice for those coming to our courts.”

The coalition is co-chaired by Judge Richard C. Blake, Chief Judge of the Hoopa Valley Tribal Court and Presiding Judge of the Smith River Rancheria Tribal Court, and Justice Richard D. Huffman, Associate Justice of the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division One.

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Press Release: Chief Justice George Appoints New Coalition of Tribal and State Courts (California Judicial Council 5/20)