Recall against chairman of Southern Ute Tribe lacks enough votes
A recall election against Matthew Box, the chairman of the Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado, failed when not enough tribal members voted.

According to the tribal constitution, more than half of the tribal membership has to participate in a recall for it to be valid. But Friday's election fell 115 people short, The Durango Herald reported.

“I only ask creation for strength and good blessings for all who supported me and those who didn’t,” Box said in a written statement to the Herald. “Together, we are still one; the great nation of the Southern Ute Tribe.”

Critics are concerned about the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Growth Fund. They say Box hasn't paid more attention to the fund, which they contend is losing money.

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Effort to recall Southern Ute chairman fails (The Durango Herald 12/7)

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