Editorial: Oklahoma tribes threaten legal action over water

"The greatest surprise in the news that two Indian tribes have threatened to sue over a deal involving southeastern Oklahoma City water is that it took so long to happen.

The threat came in a cease and desist letter sent in February by an attorney representing the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes. Both tribes had made it quite clear eight months earlier, after the state approved the sale of Sardis Lake water to Oklahoma City, that they were less than pleased with the proceedings.

We wrote then that the deal was sure to generate a pile of lawsuits. Some parties don't want a drop of water to ever leave southeastern Oklahoma. Others want to first see the results of a comprehensive state water study, which is to be completed later this year. Tribes claim rights to the water, and say they should have been part of the Sardis discussions."

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Editorial: Sardis Lake lawsuit threat: What took so long? (The Oklahoman 4/12)

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