Vi Waln: Take time to remember Mother Earth with prayer

The world paused to celebrate Earth Day last week. If more humans took the time to remember our planet with prayer every day, Unci Maka could actually heal herself.

Leonardo de Vinci said “Water is the driving force of all nature.” I was fortunate to watch a truly amazing documentary last week entitled “Water: The Great Mystery.” This is a very important video which I suggest you watch. It might change the way you view your water. Changing our thoughts and attitudes towards our precious water will make the difference between life and death, in my opinion.

I believe many human beings have completely lost faith in themselves. I have no doubt that there are people who have viewed this video about water and dismissed it as sheer nonsense. We take our water for granted. After all, how could water be so important to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?

Many people do not drink enough water. They would rather drink soda, coffee or alcohol, which are all very dehydrating. I often wonder how many people actually drink water every day.

What we eat and drink definitely affects how we feel on every level. Nowadays we have a lot of what I call “junk food babies.” These are children and adults who are addicted to junk food. They prefer to drink anything but water. I believe the diet we choose determines our attitude, good or bad. Junk food addicts have terrible dispositions.

Anyway, the work of several scientists across the globe was compiled to produce this film. They present the concept that water definitely has memory and is imprinted with the energy from human emotions. So, all the recent natural disasters involving water do not surprise me. Since the people of earth carry immense rage, it follows that our water would reflect humanity’s anger.

Alois Gruber, an Austrian Researcher, stated: “it is well known that the water supply in many cities is a closed loop system. After undergoing aggressive chemical purification, and passing through powerful filters, the water in these systems is returned to our homes still remembering the chemicals and violence it was subjected to. Even stronger, however, is the informational pollution that the water accumulates as it flows down miles of long pipes, through thousands and thousands of homes and apartments . . . water that flows in a floor panel heating system is devitalized and rotten. It sucks energy out of the people, plants, and animals that are living in that house, it actually steals the energy.

“We pollute water spiritually, and this happens on a huge scale. Why? The water adopts all of the hatred, all of the malice, the stress, the water is almost dead by the time it enters our body.

“Understanding the mysteries of water is critical to our survival. Examine water as you have never seen it before. New technologies, scientific discoveries, enlightened information has unveiled endless possibilities for water’s potential and its healing powers. These new discoveries go beyond human understanding, beyond the solar systems and galaxies to the source of life itself,” Gruber said.

I believe prayer is crucial to good water and health. “The vibrational frequency of prayer in any language uttered in any religion is 8 hertz, which corresponds to the frequency of the oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field. Therefore, a prayer pronounced with love creates a harmonic structure in water that is an ingredient in absolutely all foods.”

Dr. Konstanin Korotkov, a Russian-born Physicist, stated “sit down at the table in a very good mood . . . and under no circumstances should you dine with cruel or aggressive minded people because this will have a direct destructive effect on your health.”

The research of the truly awesome Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto was also presented. He is famous for his work in determining how human thought and different genres of music can dramatically change the molecular structure of water.

One experiment he conducted involved three glass beakers containing about a cupful of rice which was covered with water. For one month he said to one of the rice filled beakers “thank you.” The second beaker of rice was told “you’re an idiot” while the third container of rice was totally ignored.

The rice which was thanked every day was fermenting after a month and smelled good. The rice that was told every day “you’re an idiot” turned black. The rice which was neglected turned green with rot.

Dr. Emoto stated this “experiment was an important lesson, especially with regard to how we treat children. We should take care of them, give them attention and converse with them. Indifference does the greatest harm.”

He also said his “numerous experiments aimed at finding the word that cleanses water most powerfully have shown it is not just one word but a combination of two: Love and Gratitude.”

Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev, a Russian scientist, spoke about “holy water” in the video. He said “with holy water, when it’s poured over sick animals or a dying plant, they revive. Those are the facts.”

Holy water is blessed through prayer. I do not believe the power to transform water is limited to clergymen praying in wasicu churches on Sundays. In my opinion, you can bless and transform your water with prayer.

Water which has been transformed with prayer is found in most Lakota ceremonies. The water of life is also found in the water buckets and drums used in our Native American Church ceremonies.

You will feel better and your health will surely improve when you learn how to have faith in your personal prayers. All it takes is the offering of a simple prayer to transform your water. Please make it a daily practice to gift your Mni Wiconi with a heartfelt prayer of gratitude. Say thank you with a prayer of love over your water each and every time you use or drink it. There can be no life without water.

Vi Waln is Sicangu Lakota and an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Her columns were awarded first place in the South Dakota Newspaper Association 2010 contest. She is Editor of the Lakota Country Times and can be reached through email at vi@lakotacountrytimes.com.

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