Ross Johnson: Tuscarora Nation in need of new leaders

"Over the last two weeks and with the Niagara Falls Reporter finally learning about the serious nature of the Tuscarora Nation's lack of organized and public leadership, it brings to light the serious need for a new leadership.

My name is Ross Johnson Jr. I was also a member of the "Tuscarora Financial Advisory Committee," which was the "dog-and-pony-show" that the Pattersons and Leo Henry created to give some legitimacy to and was a prelude to the actions that have denied the Tuscarora money from their own people.

The problem here is the secrecy and non-public meetings that are held. Chief's Council meetings should be held where any member of the tribe can view the procedures and conversation -- unless you have something to hide, of course. Any organized, responsible form of government is held accountable to their people. Our current form of "government" is not held accountable to anyone, at least not yet.

Most Tuscaroras, as Ed Farnham stated, are kept in the dark concerning most if not all of the issues concerning the reservation, and that is the way they like it. As long as we have no idea, there will be no problems. Well, being on the Financial Advisory Committee, I can affirm that the numbers given to us were $21 million lump sum or around $55 million if it was to be taken in installments over the length of the agreement."

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