Hualapai Tribe: Grand Canyon Skywalk will be world-class

"The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a one-of-a-kind attraction that has enthralled thousands of tourists from around the globe and given them a window into our culture since it opened in 2007.

We are grateful to these visitors, who have helped the Hualapai Tribe diversify and solidify our economic prospects, providing funds for roads, health care and basic services for our 2,100 tribal members, who are all descendants of a people who have occupied this spectacular and spiritually significant land for millions of years.

That said, the skywalk could be - and should be - so much more than it is today.

As has been widely reported, the Hualapai entered into an agreement with Las Vegas developer David Jin to build the skywalk and manage the project. Jin and his investors agreed to finance construction of the skywalk, a visitors center and gift shop with a restaurant as well as all on-site and off-site utilities and other infrastructure, including restrooms."

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Waylon Honga and Charles Vaughn: Skywalk's potential will be realized (The Arizona Republic 6/6)

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